Celeste Najt & Matías Lix Klett Exhibition


C7C gallery

Celeste Najt & Matías Lix Klett Exhibition

アルゼンチンを拠点に活動する写真家であり映像作家のMatías Lix Klett
きた写真家であり造形作家でもあるCeleste Najt 。アーティスト2人の
日本での初個展をC7C gallery and shopで開催致します。4/21日には




Matias Lix Klett with the age of 33 received a formal education in several areas, giving him the knowledge of different visual techniques. From graphic design, to photography, to cinematography, to film director, he has been exploring the eye.
In his desire for adventure and exploration he has been working with different techniques, combining them. Today he is in constant progress with his project ENSAYO, were he evokes the integration of the public with the magnetic interactive sculptures.


Celeste Najt is an artist of 32 years old. She has been doing art since the age of 16. She has a degree in Photography and she has also studied Art for several years. Her works were widely exhibited in Buenos Aires, US & Europe –where she used to live. Celeste’s work speaks about relations, but not exclusively interpersonal ones. Her quest is more ambitious: Relations themselves are captured and expressed on canvas. Connections -or disconnections- are manifested in the ways the parts communicate, thus building an all-embracing totality which generates a cycle when regarded as a part. Celeste illustrates the cycles of existence, her own existence.
Both artists are from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and will be doing their first exhibition in Japan at C7C. For this special occasion, they would like to invite the viewer to get into their worlds of magnetism and unexpected colors and shapes.